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Some Update August 22, 2007

Posted by indianalternativemedicine in सूचना, Information.

Hello All readers

you have been reading through the blog quite regularly.

In recent 2-3 weeks we were not able to add very new article.Because Subhash mujumdar was opearated in hospital. Actualy there was some dental problem but after visiting dentist for checking and after trying some antibiotic medicines , it got aggravated to such an extent that there was huge swelling around his neck and was not able to drink even water also. probably their was injury during the process of checking.

The first operation done by one of the well known doctor,got him some improvement, but after regular checkup in next two three days , another doctor was of the opinion was there was some shortfall in first operation and needs some more work.So he was operated again.

We kept keen eye over medication, to such an extent that there was even irritation at times in nursing staff etc.Hoever we felt that it is very critical for patients and relatives to do research on the medication and question wherever in doubt.

Probably the details can be appended later and we need to discuss more about the huge cost of medical treatments in todays world and the kind of methodology, I am just surprised that what would be happening to those who do not have slight clue to medical science.

But now he is feeling well and is at home. Please pray for his well being.

Thanks and best regards.



1. deepanjali - September 5, 2007

जे आपल्याला आवडते ते इतरांपर्यंत पोहचले पाहीजे.
असा लहानसा प्रयत्न आहे.म्हणूनच मला वाटते .
की तू सूद्धा आमच्या अड्डयात सामील व्हावे .
एकदा येऊन पहा आमच्या ब्लोग अड्डयावर

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