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Indiatimes Spirituality Links February 11, 2008

Posted by prasannam in Articles.

A Guru to provide safe harbourRich or poor, every individual who wishes to get empowered and enlightened benefits greatly from the guidance of an able guru.
Who is Buddha?Buddha does not claim to be a god, a creator of the universe. He is a human being like us.
Valuable lessons from the thundercloudA story from the Upanishads illustrates a wonderful model of teaching and learning.
Get Out Of Your Mind To Know ConsciousnessAnyone can be a Gautam Buddha, but not everybody can be a Michelangelo or Nietzsche. This is because spiritual realisation is everybody’s birthright.
War and GamesOne thing that seems to be common between war and game is that, in both, you need to be insensitive towards the other.
Learning life’s simple lessonsLife is in itself a laboratory that helps us observe and learn if only we keep our eyes and ears open.
Awaken the Sleeping Buddha WithinAmidst the darkness of worldly delusion only the emanation of radiance from within – like the full moon – can bring enlightenment.
Mahavir the AsceticMahavir?s conduct and his teachings showed us the path of liberation. He was not a philosopher. He lived his truth.
Science and Spirituality todayI believe there is a genuine relation between modern science and internal spirituality, says the Dalai Lama
Practical Spirituality and Sant Nirankari MissionA true spiritual master makes spirituality simple and practicable to even a common man, who is least interested in philosophy.



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